The affect of Practice system by using the maximum trainings speed Preceding by the special endurance in developing to perform 400 m running .


This research aims to know the affect of Practice suggested units in introducing Practices speed endurance on practices the maximum speed during thr same practice or practices Which a traing unit gets inorder to make 400m runners acquire uncreasing in speed in the last metres khroygh the race and this anatomy comes through collect the largest number if possible of from the movement units to produce the biggest possible movement power to achieue the performance . The reseavcher used the experimental method and this experiment is acted on a sample of players feom the college of sport education /Babil university for racetrack sports for (20) players and they were divided by the radom way into twogroups ( experimental and Standard ) on a number of (10) players for each . and make the equivalent between the two groups and the per formance of the experiment lasted (12) weelcs and then performed the remote tests by the precedures in the pre – tests ans after using statistics letters with the help of statistics bay ( SPSS ) and the researcher reached to the followinf conclusions : Increase the speed of (400) m runner in the last metres though the given afforts from the runnen through the race . The growth of body power in the speed endurance and the maximum speed velated to the experimental group . Develop the performance of ( 400 ) m run . The researcher recommended by the necessity and the use from the results of this study and applied them on the sport clubs in Iraq that responsible for the yonth track and field sports and sports activities .