International crimes committed in the Gulf War


The goal of peace pursued by the forces of good in the world and was a difficult مناله, and the way hard and long, and has been and is still the question of peace communities of interest and those concerned with peace in the world, since the beginning of creation until the present day.With the development of means of deterrence and oppression and the multiplicity of ways of violence and vandalism and the emergence of the means of destruction and war fearsome and spread policy of violence has increased and doubled the concerns of communities in this issue aspiration to find alternative as a case of international conflict and terrorism, and have varied views on finding the most successful methods that can be achieved whereby peace and community Aladola security. One of these ways is the report of the State's responsibility for illegal acts committed by the violation of legal principles and rules prevailing in the international community.If the international responsibility which is to reduce violations and abuses committed by developing an appropriate deterrent to those who might be tempted him himself Etienne this business.