The impact of the collapse of the Soviet Union on the international community


Not the collapse of the Soviet Union (the former) in the early nineties the disintegration of the state as it was a fall of principle and end internationally and globally, so that the conflict that erupted after World War II between the Western camp led by the United States and the Eastern bloc led by the Soviet Union (the former), a conflict which will be called (the Cold War) (1) was not an international conflict between the two camps, but it was a struggle between two principles: the one hand, capitalism and socialism on the other. Not only this area of conflict on Europe alone, but overtaken by the whole world. The end of this conflict the collapse of the Soviet Union (the former) and disintegration to the states, has deeply معتنقو capitalism in the description of the victory to the extent that the philosopher Japanese Fukuyama saw as the end of history and all the countries that were ties camp east will pay the price, has seen environment global system after the collapse of the Soviet Union (former) radical changes in totalitarian regimes in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union (former) turned mostly to liberal democracy Western-style.