Evaluation of Serum Total Sailic Acid (TSA),Total Protein(TP)Levels in Patients with Thyroid Cancer


Background:It has been repeatedly observed increased concentration of sialoglycoproteins on tumor cells. Serum TSA and TSA / TP may serve as a valuable tumor marker for a variety of malignant neoplasm.Objective: The present study was applied to determined potential clinical application of TSA and TSA/TP in the evaluation of patients with thyroid cancer in terms of severity of disease and the response of patients to the chemotherapy after thyroidectomy and to compare it with normal subjects.Subjects & methods: A total of 100 subjects were enrolled in this study , they were divided into two groups: 50 healthy individuals (control group) and 50 patients with thyroid cancer (patients group). These patients were treated by surgery and multimodality therapy, including debulking operation, polychemotherapy and radiation therapy. Treated thyroid cancer patients were subdivided into three groups according to the remnants tissues after thyroidectomy Results: There was a significant elevation in serum total sialic acid and TSA/ TP in patients with thyroid cancer when compared to healthy individual's (control) .While a significant decrease in level of serum TSA and TSA/TP after thyoidectomy was observed Patients underwent thyroidectomy reveled variation in serum TSA and in TSA/TP levels depending on remnant tissues after surgery Conclusion: this simple available methods might aid so in detecting the activity of thyroid cancer. They may be useful as marker of thyroid activity during follow –up of patients under treatments.Key word: Thyroid cancer ,TSA,TP


Thyroid cancer, TSA, TP