Role of Total Quality tools to reduce costs and improve quality


The research aims to study the problem of high production costs and low quality and the use of total quality management tools to detect problems of the high cost of failure and low quality products, diagnosis, and developing appropriate solutions.To achieve the goal, we studied the overall quality tools and its relationship with the costs and the possibility of improving quality through the use of these tools.Was limited to these tools and study the relation to the reduction of costs and improving quality have been studied serially by the possibility of the reduction.To achieve the goal, the study of the concept of total quality management and study of the historical development of total quality management..In order to be a link between the overall quality tools and reduce costs were clarified commissioned and concept of the quality concept was determined to cut costs.The most important findings of the research is to improve the quality of products is an essential component of total quality management which leads to lower costs and reduce mistakes and do not repeat and reduce production time, which leads to the best use of time and resources.