Phthalanilinc Acid Complexes of Titanium (IV) and Zirconium (IV)


In this paper we report the synthesis of a number of titanium (IV) and zirconium (IV) complexes of the formulas [Ti(LH2)Cl2]Cl2 ,[Zr(LH2)2](NO3)4 , [ZrO(LH2)]Cl2, [Ti(L)Cl2] ,[Zr(L)2] , [Zr(OH)2(L)], by the reaction of the phthalanilic acid ligand, furfuroylhydrazido-ortho-acetobenzoic acid (LH2, scheme 1), with titanium tetrachloride, zirconium nitrate or zirconyl chloride. The ligand prepared by the reaction of furfuroylhydrazide with phthalic anhydride. Reactions of this ligand with the metal salts in both neutral and basic solutions gave cationic and neutral complexes, respectively. The prepared ligand and its complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, molar conductance and by infrared and ultraviolet spectra. In all complexes the ligand acts as neutral tetradentate in neutral medium and dibasic tetradentate in basic medium. Titanium complexes are hexacoordinated with octahedral structure, while zirconium complexes have different structures. Zirconium nitrate complexes are octacoordinated with the most probable square antiprism geometry. On the other hand, the two complexes of zirconyl chloride obtained from neutral and basic media are penta- and hexa-coordinated with the most common square pyramidal and octahedral structures, respectively.