Building spoken reference standards and standard levels of force and some types of shooting for young handball in Iraq


The important things, both in the training process or in the process of selection and specialization in physical activity practice standards exist spoken reference and benchmark levels of the physical characteristics and skills for the type of activity the practitioner, to be the point of start towards upgrading the physical and skill which will reflect positively on the level tactical, as it the most important things in the planning process of training is having data extracted already be clear evidence of the coach and the player at the same time so that he can lay the foundations of sound and correct for the start in the development of physical attributes and basic skills alike, as well as in order to achieve coaches which reached the player and aspires link him through testing rotating players throughout the periods of training and stand on the weaknesses and strengths in the conduct of training and find effective solutions and rectify mistakes before it is too late, and summed up the idea of research in finding Criteria for reference and benchmark levels of force private and correction handball to find out the reality of the true level of young players in the environment Iraqi, and that these spoken reference and levels shown on the low level in the special force threatening the reality of the game in our dear country and this is what assigns significant decline and remarkable performance most youth teams and who needs to pause genuine and sincere in order to upgrade the game and access to the higher levels and achieve achievement and creating strong foundation built on a sound basis for advanced teams and national teams