Comparing study for some variables functional for the kidneys system between the Athletics and nor Athletics


Contain the search five doors. First door contain on one aim it (knowledge the effects positives and negatives for the body exercises on the kidneys system ) While the second door contained the study theoretically (Summary about kidneys system , analysis the blood and urine ..While, the third door , the searcher treat to method of the search if using the search describe , while the sample choosing from students department of sport education and students computers department , the number was (14) They divide to two groups all the groups 7 students .. After that, the researcher. Gets samples from blood and urine to analysis 10 variables The results appear difference morale between the two groups in the finale test after exersice bodies. The five door contain group of conclusions the one from it (the training of sport is importing to kept the human healthy ). The recommendations the one from it (The sport for the all , and you must practice it for the human healthy)