Clinico-epidemiological and Histopathological Study of Syringoma in Iraqi Patients


AbstractBackground: Syringoma is common benign tumor of sweat glands causing cosmetic disfigurement. It occurs predominantly in women at puberty or later in life.Objective: To determine the clinical, histopathological and epidemiological aspects in syringoma.Patients &Methods: A case-controlled study was conducted in Department of Dermatology and Venereology - Baghdad Teaching Hospital, from Oct. 1991 through June 1991. Fifty patients with Syringoma and 100 individuals as a control group were enrolled in this study. Demographic information and full dermatological examination were done for each patient. Biopsy was carried out for 18 patients and fasting blood sugar was performed in 32 patients.Results: Fifty patients were included in the present work, all showed typical clinical features of syringoma. Their ages ranged from 8 – 50 years with a mean of 30.4, and the highest number of cases 10(20%) were in age group 21– 25 years. Females [41(82%)] were affected more frequently than males [9(18%)], with a male to female ratio of 1:4.5.A high incidence of infertility among married females 8(32%), and 1(16.6%) of married males was found. A positive family history of syringoma was found in 25 (50%) patients, and a positive family history of diabetes mellitus in 20(40%) of patients. The main sites involved were the lower eyelids alone in 23(46%) of cases, and in association with other sites in 100% of cases. The color of lesions in syringoma were mainly fleshy or skin– colored 30 (60%) of cases).Twenty two (44%) patients had lesions ranging between 15– 30 papules. Histopathology of lesions showed the typical histological features of syringoma. Also 13(72.2%) of patients showed a striking superficial perivascular mononuclear infiltrate. Fasting blood sugar was normal in all patients.Conclusion: The present study confirmed that syringoma is disease of female, with a high positive family history of diabetes mellitus, while the histopathological examination showed a striking superficial perivascular monomuclear infiltrate, Keywords: syringoma, Iraqi patients, clinical, histopathological.