Study of Helicobacter pylori among a sample of Iraqi diabetic patients with peptic ulcer disease


Abstract:Background: - Whilst upper gastrointestinal disturbances are frequently observed in patients with diabetes mellitus. We want to know the prevalence of Helicobacter pylori infection and peptic ulcer disease in Iraqi diabetic patients.Objective: - The present study is an attempt to determine the prevalence of Helicobacter pylori in a sample of Iraqi diabetic patients with peptic ulcer disease by applying different diagnostic criteria.Methods:-This case-control study was carried at the gastrointestinal unit of Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital. The total of 80 samples (blood & antral biopsies) from patients and control groups with an age range of 20-80 years including 30 diabetics with peptic ulcer, and a control group of 50 non diabetic with peptic ulcer. Every gastric biopsy specimen was subjected to cultural, histological and rapid urease test and blood samples to measure the value of glucose level in all study groups. Results: - Of the total studied patients 30 diabetics have peptic ulcer (P.U) H. pylori was present in 60% of patients as evaluated by culture and rapid urease test, compared to the non diabetic with peptic ulcer (control group) as evaluated by culture (48%) and in rapid urease test (52%).Histological method revealed 76.66% of patients showed positive H. pylori infection while the control group showed 48% only.Conclusion:-The prevalence of H. pylori infection was found to be significantly higher in patients group of diabetic with peptic ulcer and dyspepsia than in control group (P<0.05). In patients group histological method showed high percentage and more accurate results for diagnosing the positive H. pylori infection when compared to the culture and RUT. Keyword:-H. pylori, peptic ulcer disease and diabetes mellitus.