Enhancement of Surgical Vaginal Mucosal Wound Healing Using He-Ne Laser of 632.8nm with Topical Application of Tolidine Blue


Abstract Purpose of the study: This study aimed to prove the effect of low laser level therapy using He-Ne laser 1mw with topical application of tolidine blue dye as photosensitizer in promotion and enhancement of wound healing of vaginal mucosal layer. Design: A twenty five women with vaginal mucosal wound of different causes were selected and divided into five equal groups, group one as control group, group two the wound exposed to laser and antibiotic after suturing .Group three the wound exposed to laser after painting with tolidine blue plus antibiotic, group four the wound exposed to tolidine blue and antibiotic only, group five exposed to tolidine blue paint plus laser therapy without antibiotics. Results: Those patients who were exposed to laser and tolidine blue show significant reduction in the level of pain and rapid healing process that occur with in six days, this result was equal in both group III & group V, while group IV shows no difference in pain and tenderness in relation to control group. Group II show wound healing after 8 days but pain and tenderness show changes after the second exposure to laser. Conclusion: LLLT can be used to enhance of mucosal wound healing of the vagina, to induce analgesic effects & prevent infection. The addition of photo sensitizer (tolidine blue) leads to dramatic analgesic effects and more rapid healing. Key word: low level laser therapy (LLLT), tolidine blue, vaginal wound