Coverage of the Gulf initiative Khaleej Times newspaper


It became clear that the world has become since the length for quite some time small thanks to the great development in the field of communication technology and formed this phenomenon turning point range and large in the movement of communication between the countries, but different levels, especially after the entry of electronic media arena competing media of the means of mass communication other.Hence, became the press and especially in this era of technological development tool in shaping trends and influence public opinion domestically and internationally word expressive that the best selection and timing can tip the scales more than any other tool also press the ability of actors in the coverage of events in all its aspects, where he became the world today live event, moment by moment.It is the Arab press that accompanied the events ... Khaleej Times newspaper, which since its inception has sought to develop their potential can of excellence and the acquisition of a large fan base and wide in the light of the intense rivalry between the different means of communication.With the aging of time we see that based on media institutions have Oulu interest aspects surrounding the events and deliver them to the public so that the impact on public opinion, ideas, trends, and satisfy his curiosity to follow them.Prey research in the study subject coverage of the Gulf initiative in the Gulf newspaper taking the news of limits for its consideration.