Calculation of The Nuclear Matter Density Distributions and Form Factors For The Ground State of 12Be and 14Be Nuclei


The ground state charge, neutron and matter densities for two-neutron halo nuclei 12Be and 14Be are calculated within a two- frequency shell model approach. In the description of the halo nuclei it is important to take into account a model space for 10Be and 12Be different from the two halo neutrons which have to be treated separately in order to explain their properties. The structures of the halo 12Be and 14Be nuclei show that the dominant configurations when the two halo neutrons distributed over the 1d shell orbits. Elastic Coulomb scattering form factors of these two exotic nuclei are also studied through the combination of the density distributions of the 10Be, 12Be core and the two halo neutrons. The effects of the neutron halos on the electron scattering form factors are explored. The form factors for the two exotic 12Be and 14Be nuclei are compared with those of the stable 9Be nuclei. It is found that the difference in the calculated charge form factors between halo and stable nuclei is attributed mainly to the difference in the center of mass correction which depends on the mass number and the size parameter (b).PACS number(s): 25.30.Bf;21.60.Cs;21.10.Gv;27.20+n.