The Effect of Mhd on Unsteady Flow of A Second Grade Fluid Film Over an Unsteady Stret Ching Sheet


The aim of this paper is the study of the influence of magnetic field on unsteady flow of the second-grade fluid with constant viscosity. The equations which controlled this type of fluid flow are complicated, so finding an analytical solution is not easy, because it is a system of partial differential equations.We obtained an expression for the velocity by using homotopy analysis method HAM.It is found that the equations motion are controlled by many dimensionless parameter, namely magnetic field parameter M and material constant α, dimensionless film thickness β and unsteadiness parameter S.We have been studied the influence of all the physical parameters, that mentioned above on the velocity field, also a comparison study among unsteady flow and unsteady flow under the influence of the magnetic field had been done.This study is done through drawing about 75 graph by using the Mathematica package.