Evaluation of serum level of Chromium trace element and complement C3 & C4 in complicated diabetic foot


Abstract Objective: To confirm the importance of Chromium trace element in complicated diabetic foot in addition to complement C3 & C4.Patients & Methods: This study was done in Al-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital “Diabetic Center” and Al-Karama Teaching Hospital throughout a period from November 2002 – July 2003. It included 60 diabetic patients who were divided into two groups, depending on the presence of complications. In addition the study included 20 healthy subjects matched for age and sex as control group. Measurement of F.B.S. was done for each patients. Measurement of serum level of Chromium, by using shimadzu atomic absorption flame emission spectrophotometer and measurement of C3 & C4 complement by using immune diffusion assay kite was also done for each subject.Results: Study reveal that there is lowered Chromium trace element and a lowered level of C3 complement than C4 among complicated diabetic foot more than other groups. Conclusion: We concluded that there is a deficiency of Chromium among a complicated diabetic patient in addition to that this study show deficiency of complement C3 more than C4. Key ward: Diabetes mellitus, chromium trace element, complement C3 and C4.