Hypoxemia among infants with bronchiolitis in Al-Anbar governorate


Abstract:Objective: To study the predictors of hypoxaemia In a sample children with bronchiolitis admitted to maternity and children hospital in Al-Ramadi, Al-Anbar governorate.Materials & Methods: A total of 154 infants with bronchiolitis were admitted during the period 1st Dec. 2002 to 1st March 2003, inclusive. Information about infant's feeding and sleeping was taken from mothers. All infants were examined for cynosis, level of consciousness, hypotonia, use of accessory muscles of respiration and respiratory rate. The heart rate and the arterial oxygen saturation (SaO2) were measured by pulse oximetry. SaO2 less than 95% was regarded as hypoxaemia.Results: SaO2 was significantly associated with level of consciousness, use of accessory muscles of respiration, ability to feed, ability to sleep, hypotonia, and cynosis. A significant negative association was found between SaO2 and respiratory rate. Similar association was demonstrated between SaO2 and heart rate.Conclusion: Studied signs and symptoms reflect the SaO2 level. Health care worker could assess them for proper selection of patients for oxygen therapy.Key words: Bronchiolitis, hypoxaemia, infants, predictors