Profile of Bone Mineral Density in Lactating Women Regarding their Age & Parity, as Assessed by Dual Photon X-Ray Absorptiometry


Abstract:Beck ground: Bone mineral density may be affected by pregnancy, lactation & amenorrhea, Objective: The present study conducted to measure variation of bone mineral density in femoral neck region, of purely lactating womenMethods: Prospective study conducted at Elwyia Maternity hospital for the period between 1/5/2003-15/8/2004. A total of 126 women below 30 years of age, and 124 women of 30 years and above, were studied for measurement of their bone mineral density by Dual photon X-Ray absorptiometry, at two weeks postpartum then 6 months later. Parity was also taken into consideration.Results: The mean bone mineral density was progressively reduced at two weeks postpartum with increasing parity number, among women in both study groups. The number of women who developed osteoporosis was significantly higher among women age, 30 years and above, than younger age group (11 (0.79 %) Vs. 1 (8.87%), at 6 months postpartumConclusion: Breast feeding with lactational amenorrhea in women whose parity is 5 or more, is inversely proportional to the bone mineral density. This is mostly due to poor calcium and protein dietary intake.Key words: Profile, Mineral, Density, Lactating, Women.