Age of Menarche in a Sample of Iraqi Girls and Associated Factors


Abstract:Objectives: The present study is an attempt to determine the age at menarche in a sample of apparently healthy Iraqi girls, from 5th class of primary school to 3rd class of intermediate school in Al-Kharkh area of Baghdad Governorate. Methods: The study was conducted during the period from 1st of October 2001 to the 1st of April 2002. The sample was comprised of 2654 girls, which was selected as multistage random sample including 10% of primary and 10% of intermediate school in Al-Kharkh districts. The data were collected through direct interview, weight and height were measured for each girl, and body mass index was calculated.Results: The study showed that mean age at menarche of the adolescent girls was 12.61+1.74 year, it was found that there was a relationship between age of menarche and mothers and sisters age at menarche, family size, and body mass Index . Conclusion: Significant association between age of menarche and body mass Index.Key Word: Age of Menarche


Age of Menarche