Treatment of Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis by ((810 Nanometer Wavelength)) Diode Laser


Abstract:Purpose: This is prospective study began in Jan. 2003 and concluded in April 2004, was undertaken to examine the benefits of 810 nanometer diode laser in treatment of four patient with bilateral vocal cord paralysis also to compare the results with conventional treatment Patients & Methods: 810 nm diode lasers 15 watt was used in these cases under general anesthesia, and induction of anesthetic drug done through tracheostomy tube in all patients. Results: All patients were decanulated “Tracheostomy tube removed”, the voice of all preserved within normal. Conclusion: Laser surgery in this case has more benefit and advantage than conventional methods even if the patient need more than on session of laser operation because of high success rate, less complication and easy technique. Key words: vocal cord paralysis, CO2 laser, diode laser