Evaluation of the Lung Diffusing Capacity for Carbonmonoxide (Dlco) in Healthy Male Teenagers in Relation To Physical Activity


Abstract:Intensive research work has been conducted on lung function changes during exercise, however, little is known about the influence of physical activity on the resting lung function especially in younger age group. The present study involved (25) healthy male teenagers (13-19 years) with body height(170±5.9 cm) and body weight(63±10.23 Kg).Lung volumes(VC and TLC), ventilation(FEV1% and MMEF25-75%) and diffusion parameters (DLco and DLco/VA) were measured by computerized spirographic , helium dilution and carbonmonoxide single-breath techniques.All tested lung function parameters except, lung diffusion per unit lung volume (DLco/VA), had increased significantly with higher level of daily physical activity. The observed increase in the resting lung diffusion seemed to be related to the increase in lung volume brought about by higher physical activity rather than to changes in lung diffusing capacity per unit of lung volume (DLco/VA). The effect of cigarette smoking habit on lung diffusing capacity was evaluated. In conclusion, physical activity has a definite beneficial effect on resting lung diffusion, an effect which seemed unopposed by mild cigarette smokingKey words: PFT, DLco, adolescence, physical activity.