Pattern, Severity and Treatment Needs of Dental Caries among Five-year Kindergarten Children in Baghdad Iraq


Abstract:Objective(s): This study carried out to evaluate the severity of dental caries and treatment needs among some Iraqi children, aged (5) years old in Baghdad.Methods: The sample was selected randomly. The examination of the oral cavity was based on diagnostic criteria marked by the World Health Organization (1987).Results: The study demonstrated a high prevalence of dental caries (81.20 %), gender difference was not found (P>0.05). The means of dmft and dmfs were found in the present study to be (5.11 ± 0.17, 9.62 ± 0.42 respectively) Results showed that ds fraction constituted the major part of dmfs value followed by ms, while fs fraction reached zero. Concerning ds gender differences was statistically highly significant (P<0.01). Posterior teeth were more susceptible to dental caries, than the anterior teeth. As the occlusal surface was the most affected surface followed by proximate surface. The dental treatment needs were high as 72% of children needed one surface restoration, while extraction (11%) was found to be the lowest need.Conclusion: The severity of dental caries was very high in primary dentition. The tooth susceptibility to dental caries in lower posterior teeth was higher than upper. While the picture was differ in anterior teeth.keywords: dental caries, treatment needs, 5 year old