Blood Glucose Control, Ophthalmology Referral & Microalbuminuria In Patients With Insulin Dependent (Type 1) Diabetes Mellitus


Abstract:Objective: To review the blood glucose level, duration of illness, referral for ophthalmologic assessment & microalbuminuria among patients with insulin dependent (type 1) diabetes mellitus.methods: A retrospective review of randomly chosen medical records for 100 patients with type 1 insulin dependent diabetes mellitus was done in national diabetic center (NDC) of AL-Mustansiriya University from the 1st March 1999 to the 1st March 2004. Review for age, sex, duration of illness FBG, HbA1C, Micral test, blood pressure, and blood urea & creatinine levels, also review of the patient's files for ophthalmologic referral.Results: Insulin dependent (type 1) diabetes mellitus were more in female with peak incidence between10-14 yr of age. FBG > 10 mmol/ l in 57%, 38% having the disease ≤ 5 yrs of which 52.6% were referred to ophthalmologist, 10% who had diabetes for 7-17yrs developed cataract & no one had retinopathy. 36% were having HbA1C more than 8%. Micral test were (+ve) in 23.5% of patients, none of them had developed renal failure. 44.5% developed diastolic blood pressure between 90-100 mmHg and the mount of microalbuminuria was directly related to elevation of HbA1C.Conclusion: Better control of blood glucose and shared care with ophthalmologists are important steps to improve the quality of care provided to diabetic patients. .Key words: Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus, diabetic nephropathy, diabetic cataract.