Compliance to Medical Therapy among Hypertensive Patients Attending the Out Patient Department of AL-Yarmouk Teaching Hospital


Abstract:Objective: To determine the compliance of hypertensive patients to their medical therapy.Method: Across- sectional study was carried out among 280 hyper tensive patients attending the out –patient department of AL-Yarmouk Teaching hospital between 1st of NOV2002-end of FEB2003. The data was collected by direct interview with each patient according to special questionnaire form.Results: The study showed that 187(66.8%) of the patients were complaint with their medical treatment regularly, while 93(33.2%) were non- complaint .poor concept of the disease and in correct information about the usage of drugs were the main reasons of non-compliance .Females and illiterate patients were significantly more compliant to medication than males and highly educated patients .Both monotherapy and single dose therapy had significantly influenced compliance to therapy .It was found that patients who were regular on follow- up were significantly more compliant than those who were irregular.Conclusion: One- third of patients didn’t take their medication regularly .Therefore, we recommended that hypertensive patients should have a better opportunity to know more about their disease , its risk factors and complications as well as the importance of compliance to their treatment. Key words: Compliance, Medical Therapy, Hypertension.