The sequential effect Of (TQM) requirements and the organizational change to achieving competitive advantage


The research aims present the statement of The the sequential effect of (TQM) requirements and the organizational change to achieve competitive advantage in the College of Hadbaa University, as is the concept of total quality management of the modern concepts that have emerged in the eighties of the last century and revolutionized the field of business because of its significant role in the enable organizations to achieve their objectives through the achievement of the objectives of the customer, and get the organization to achieve its objectives must be subjected to possess a competitive advantage apart from other organizations, as having a competitive advantage for the organization is by following a set of procedures and the application kit, and perhaps (TQM)requirements and organizational change is one of these tools, so researchers sought through this research is to employ both of (TQM)requirements and organizational change in order to achieve a competitive advantage for the organization. Given the failure of the two subjects in one study in the Iraqi environment in general and the environment, the province of Nineveh, in particular, have sought researchers to study the sequential effect of the variables of the research. In general, Ihor Find a number of questions related to the existence of perceptions about the concept of total quality management and its requirements on the one hand and the concept of organizational change hand, the concept of competitive advantage from a third party in the organization in question, has been building model search reflects its variables, and formulating research hypotheses and then test the research hypotheses by a set of statistical methods and through the statistical analysis, SPSS was used-resolution tool head for the collection of data and information necessary research sample and research has come to a conclusions in the light of the conclusions reached by the researchers provide a number of recommendations that are consistent with those conclusions..