Lipoxidative and Glycoxidative Modifications of Erythrocytes-Proteins in Relation to Thyroid Status


Abstract :Objective : Different mechanisms for lipid peroxidation activation in patients presenting with thyroid hormone abundance or deficiency have been analyzed . However, changes in metabolism associated with thyroid dysfunction through the glycoxidative reactions and its contribution to such enhancement of lipid preoxidation is assessed in this study. Methods:The study included seventy –two patient with either , hyperthyroidism , hypothyroidism or euthyroidism, in addition to 25 control subjects for the estimation in their erythrocytes :-1-concentration of the end product of lipid peroxidation (malondialdehyde- MDA).2-susceptibility to oxidative challenge (H2O2- induced methaemoglobin- Met-Hb).3-glycosylation of proteins (glycated haemoglobin- GHb).Results : The hyperthyroid patients group were presented with significantly elevated MDA levels (p < 0.001) among other thyroid disorders. Elevated Met-Hb levels were detected in different thyroid diseases. Moreover, significant modulation of glycated haemoglobin values was observed in both hyper- and hypothyroid patients (7.8 ± 1.8 , 5.9 ± 1.7 , respectively Vs control 5.1± 0.82).Conclusion : The changes in lipoxidative and glycoxidative modification of proteins in patients with thyroid pathology may have some clinical and biological implications. Key words : thyroid hormones , MDA, Glycated- Hb