Study of some Biochemical Parameters in liver of fresh water fish Liza abu (Heckel,1843) in Shatt Al-Arab River


This study aimed to assess the influence of the environment on fish health . Samples of Liza abu fish were collected from four sites near some pollution sources in Shatt Al-Arab river / south of Iraq . Determination of glycogen , proteins and lipids contene in liver and GOT and GPT enzymes activity in blood plasma were carried out .The results showed that the biochemical changes induced in the liver were mainly represented by decrease of the glycogen, proteins and lipids content, as will as , GOT and GPT enzymes of fishs from Khandic canal and Shatt Al-Arab river (site 3) compared with other sites. significant different 0f biochemical parameters of fishes from near the Al-Najibyia power sites 1, and near of the electric power sites 2 ,were recorded compared with Mashab station site 4.