Effectiveness of Side Effect Management Oriented Education Program on nervous and integumentary systems for Patient Undergo Chemotherapy in Sulaimani City


Objectives: The present study aims to determine the improvement side effect management oriented educational program for patients undergo chemotherapy in Sulaimani city.Methodology: Non – probability (purposive sample), the study sample consists of (40) clients, (20) clients were selected as (a study group), and another (20) clients were selected as (control group). A questionnaire was developed as a tool of data collection for the purpose of the study. A pilot study was carried out to test the reliability of the questionnaire for the period from 1st October until31st October/ 2011. The pre and post - test approach was applied to the study and control groups as mean for the quasi – experimental design when the education program was implemented in the period from 28th November 2011, to the 29th 2011. A questionnaire format was used for data collection which consisted of (8) three parts (129) items, including their knowledge, practices, and demographic characteristics. Instrument validity was determined through content validity, by a panel of experts. Reliability of the instrument was determined through the use of Pearson correlation coefficient for the test-retest approach, which is (0.92) for their knowledge. Data were analyzed through the application of the descriptive statistical data analysis approach (frequency, percentage, mean, and relative sufficiency), and inferential statistic data analysis approach (person correlation, t - test). Results: The study concluded that an education program had a positive impact on level of information among the study group.Conclusion: There is obvious increasing in the client’s information of the study group compared with control group regarding pre and post – test. Recommendation: The study recommends providing of special manual or guideline includes all the instructions of chemotherapy treatment. And an informational office should be established in the hospital to supplement them with any information and help during chemotherapy treatment