Efficient Minimization of Routing Cost in Wireless Networks


This paper studies how to select a path with the minimum cost .the networks are characterized by limited computational and power source capabilities. Thus, it is necessary to provide an efficient method for producing routing decisions. Wireless networks do not have any fixed communication infrastructure. For an active connection the end host as well as the intermediate nodes can be mobile. In this work we have examined a wireless network and proposed a group of algorithms in order to find an optimal routing path with a low computational cost, using the special Structure of the connectivity graphs of wireless networks. Dijkstra and Bellman approach can be integrated with many one-to-many shortest path algorithms used in network optimization. The simulation results Show that the Advance Dijkstra Algorithm is the most efficient approach comparing with Bellman approach. The proposed algorithm helps to transport packets to their Destinations by keeping the data transfer power of nodes in the lowest level. The algorithm is exposed to a performance evaluation test via a simulation program that is developed in MATLAB version 7.14.