Proposed Method for Bootstrap Technique to Estimate the Results of some Men’s Competitions in the Coming Olympic Games (2012, 2016) in case of Using Incomplete Data


In this paper, the application of Bootstrap Method in predicting the results of Skipping and Jumping competitions for men in the next two sessions of Olympic Games 2012 and 2016.The researcher tried to use the results achieved by all holders of Olympic medals (top three) in the competitions of Skipping and Jumping (wide, triple, high, and Pole vault) in six consecutive Olympic Games Seoul Olympics (1988) is selected as a starting point since it did not face Olympic sanctions from some countries that took place in two sessions of Moscow (1980) and Los Angeles (1984), and here arose the idea to use the method of bootstrap since the time series is too short and it is not easy to determine its probability distribution, and therefore it is difficult to use classical methods in the estimation process as well as the sample size is too small. This paper will illuminate the way for those interested in the preparation of the teams participating in the four Skipping and Jumping competitions for well planning based on solid scientific base of the number and level of participants in these competitions based on the expected accomplishments brought through the paper in the two Olympic Games, where the first one will start within days.