Morphometrical Study of The Interdigital Gland in Awasi Sheep(ovis aries) and Local Black Goat (caprus hircus)


This study included morphological and morphometrical measurements of the interdigital glands. Ten pairs of limbs of healthy male Awasi sheep and same number of limbs of male black goats were used for this study. Interdigital gland present only in Awasi sheep limbs, but found as small fatty sac in black goat limbs. The gland was located at the level of fetlock joint, coma in shape and consist of three parts (bottom, neck and excretory duct accompanied with clusters of hairs). The gland have color as same as the hair in the around region. Histological study revealed that the gland is an invagination from the skin, consist of epidermis, dermis and fibrous capsule. There is a relationship between the thickness of the corneal layer and epidermis, so this layer was higher in caudal limbs than cranial limbs. The size of sebaceous glands was higher in caudal limbs than those in cranial limbs. There were primary and secondary hair follicles specially in the base of the gland. There was inverse relationship between number of primary follicles and the size of sebaceous glands. In vertical sections, the arrector pilli muscle also present accompanied primary follicles. There were similar number of sweat gland ducts with number of each primary follicle. The activity of the acini of sweat glands were different in all studied area.