Effect of Alcohol on Human Sperm Parameters in vitro


This study aimed to investigate if the deleterious effect of alcohol exerted directly or mediated through metabolites so we added different ethanol concentrations (25,50 and100)mM to normal human spermatozoa in vitro. Three incubation periods ( 30, 45 and 60 ) minutes were used in this study . The addition of different ethanol concentrations to glucosaline media which used in incubation of normal spermatozoa in vitro caused a significant decrease in sperm motility percentage and grade activity of the sperm in different incubation periods in exception the concentration 25 mM of ethanol at 30 minute of incubation period was caused a significant decrease in the sperm motility percentage only . This result refered to that the effect of ethanol on human spermatozoa was being directly without any mediator metabolite.