A Novel Experimental Study of Single–Plane Balancing Method of Crankshaft without Phase AnglesData(ENG)


AbstractIn real machines, rotating parts are balanced using data of both phase anglesandvibration values. This paper presents an analytical solution of a novel single–plane balancing method using only two test runs oftrial mass without needing to use anydata of phase angles. In addition, a comparative experimental study for each ofthe proposed method and other two methods known as the three test runs andfour test runs has been performed. Throughout this study, an actual arrangement of a crankshaft of an electrical generator has been constructedfor the test purposes,moreover, a computer program based onthe proposed method analysishas been written using (C) Languageto calculate the magnitude and location of the requiredbalancing mass.Thisstudy showed that the proposed balancing method was very effective, practical and saving lots of time, cost and effortas it requires only two test runs.Inaddition, a small vibration meter oflight weight and low cost has beenused to achieve balancing.Keywords:Single plane balancing, Balancing of crankshaft without phase angles.