Development of Fast Reliable Secure File Transfer Protocol (FRS-FTP)


There is a great need to transfer information between hosts andnetworks in fast with reliable and secure way; this is a big challengewith open environment especially Internet and TCP based Networks.There are several extra file transfer protocols behind core FTPprotocol, but each of them suffer from either slow, unreliable orunsecure workflow.In this paper, we develop a new file transfer protocol based on UDPas a fast, reliable and secure protocol; and called FRS-FTP (refers toFast Reliable Secure File Transfer Protocol. The proposed protocolbased on three phases, the first phase to enforce the "reliability"issue using cryptographic hash checksum, the second phase toenforce the "security" issue using file encryption/decryption, portprotection and authentication, while the third phase to transfer fileswith "fast" issue under UDP.The proposed protocol is implemented using Visual Basic .Netprogramming language and System.Net.Sockets embedded dot NetClass.