An FPGA Based Design and Implementation of Unambiguous Ranging System Using Golay Sequences


Golay sequences have some properties make it distinctive in theapplications and results. However, for this distinction must select thecode sequences carefully and accurately. In this paper, an FPGAbased, design and implementation for made autocorrelation of pairGolay complementary code sequences after extract all possibleformations of 8bit code (192 8-bit pair code), and separate theunduplicated codes(12 at a time) and many (too many) 12 blocks 8-bitcombinations with 16 main-to-sidelobe power ratio. There areanother propose circuit attached to Tx and Rx which indicated by S1,S2 and S3 for increase the accuracy. Therefore, the Search can beregarded as pioneers of the research application of this technique onthe subject and got good results. The Implementation was made byXilinx-spartan-3A XC3S700AFPGA, with 50 MHz internal clock.