Constructing a Battery of Physical Fitness Elements of Special for the Players of Elite Handball Clubs


The research aims at :-Recognizing the factors of the special physical fitness elements for Iraqi elite clubs players.-Constructing a battery of special physical fitness elements for the players of elite handball clubs.The research fields includes :-Human scope : The players of (Al-Futwa, Al-Karkh, Al-Jaish, Al-Shurtta and Al-Kufa )clubs.-Time scope : The period between ( 15/11/2011) to (1/4/2012).-Place scope : Indoor halls of (Al-Futwa, Al-Karkh, Al-Jaish, Al-Shurtta and Al-Kufa )clubs.The researchers have adopted the descriptive methodology with the correlation style for its convenience to the nature of the research. The research community has been represented by the players of Iraqi elite tournament clubs (term 2011-2012) which were (12) clubs . While the research sample included (70) players divided into five clubs (Al-Futwa, Al-Karkh, Al-Jaish, Al-Shurtta and Al-Kufa ) , who represent (14) players for each club after excluding the goal keepers. The researchers have used a questionnaire , tests and the content analysis as a tool of collecting data.The researchers have used the arithmetic mean, standard deviation, the standard error of the arithmetic mean, coefficient of skewenss (Person), and the coefficient analysis by the method of the essential components of Hottling by using the orthogonal rotation.The researchers have concluded the following :1.The coefficient analysis by using the orthogonal rotation performed on (18) tests of special physical fitness representing the six assumption factors of the special physical fitness.It shows five factors accepted in terms of factor acceptance ,which are :The first factor is the transitional speed factor, the second is the explosive force factor for the legs, the third is the explosive force factor of the arms, the fourth is the fitness factor, and the fifth factor is the force factor discriminated by speed.2.The special physical fitness battery has been obtained in the light of its accessed factors whose units achieve highest saturations on the factors ,which were:a-Test of 30m. run.b-Vertical jump testc-Test of throwing medicine ball (800gm.) with one arm.d-Test of zigzag run between barriers with numbers.e-Test of push up (10 seconds).3.The fifth units selected for the special physical fitness are considered pure scales for their saturations on the other factors are about to be zero . This result confirms the decrease of the correlation among tests.The researchers have recommended :-Using the battery of the special physical fitness in the practical tests to recognize the training program activity at the end of the special physical preparation for Iraqi handball clubs.