Using Creativity in the Economic Activities: An Islamic Prerequisite


Man across history has noticed a remarkable developments on the knowledge, economical, social and religious fields. This may be due to the recent thoughts of an experts and their virtue in a ascertaining the real benefit for human beings. From those are: Abn Al-Aswad Aldouli; who started writing the rules of grammar, Alkhaleed Bin Ahmed Al-Farahidi, who discovered the Arabic sections of poetry, Emam Al-Shafie who wrote the first book in jurisprudence principles, Abn Khaldoon, who established the rules of sociology, Abn Al-Haitham and his theories in lights and Abn Al-Nafees who discovered Pulmonary Circulation…… etc. It is important to mention in this context that Islam has encouraged and interested in the idea of using creativity in different aspect of life. Among these is Economy. The researcher has focused in forming the definition of creativity according to the Islamic economic perspective as: Applying the mental abilities and skills together in finding out the new and beneficial things in different aspects of life especially these related to economical and administrative aspects that meet and agree with the Islamic rules and system.