Measuring the effect 0f Desertification on the cost of Agricultural production : Practical study on a sample of Agricultural lands Baiji District


Is no longer the focus of the accountants in the agricultural activity is limited to measuring the gains and losses in the units that adopt this kind of activity, but has expanded this area to cover all its operations and to measure associated with such operations cost, and came this expansion as a result of the great attention given by both plant and animal in the economies of many nations, for his contribution to the actors as well as activities and other sectors in the processes of comprehensive development. It have faced agricultural activity or the agriculture sector in Iraq in the past few years a number of challenges was the lack of rainfall has dwindled country's share of the amount of water in the Tigris and the Euphrates and the drought, the many artesian wells, as well as soaring temperatures and the succession of dust storms to expand with all of this phenomenon of desertification and its effects in the agricultural areas available, so its had it the need to signal and alert to the risks involved in this phenomenon and its implications in a digital format (by measuring the change in the cost of agricultural production, resulting there from) to understand with the degree of these risks and to push for a speed reduction and addressed before it is too late.