The Role of Knowledge Management in Achieving of Innovation an Analytical Study For Opinions of A sample of Teachers in Mosul Technical Institute


Knowledge Management in the organizations in general and in educational organizations in particular represents an effective approach to achieve of Innovation through diagnosing and measuring those innovation and explaining its kinds. Knowledge management represents a base of work in organizations. More over it is an effective tool as guided for managerial leaderships. So knowledge management imposes effects on the organizational activities. These activities are affected by what surrounds the organizations of changes. This condition is an indication to the importance of knowledge management and it's role in achieving innovation in present and in the future.This situation lead us to study this subject in an educational organization represented by the Technical Institute in Mosul, through collecting a random sample of (30) teachers in the mentioned organization. The study depended a methodology which indicate the problem of the study, explained it's goals and aimed to verify its hypotheses. The study concluded to some conclusions such as there are a significant correlation and effects relationship between the two dimensions of the study as well as providing some important recommendations.