Material Requirement Planning System and Reflect That in Reinforcements the Competitive Advantage"A Domaining Study in State of the General Company Drugs and Medical Appliances in Samarra'a”


Business companies opposition challenges in external environment like competition, globalization and high cost of raw materials which are very necessary for the production. This thing had led to a raise in the cost of production, then the cost of a unit product has been raised respectively. Besides the clear rarity for the most resources and the difficulty in getting them. The major goal of this study is puttingthe main limitations for the materials that are suitable for the general course of the company. The company then aims at reducing the costs resulting from storing. This pursue to make an accurate balance in the main materials of the production; besides calculating the amount of raw material which is very necessary for production. Making a balancing relation among the need of the company for productive things , what is available in the store, and what is produced nowadays. be accomplished suggesting model has been made to reflect the correlation and the effect between the necessities of MRP system and the competitive advantage, besides it represents a group of subsidiary hypotheses which reflect these relations on the basis of diagnosing the variables in the study and testing the correlation and the effect to which the study model has led; and pointing out some conclusions.