Relation of the training methods with achievement of the competitive advantage Field- Study in the state company for refractories industry


Is a theme of the training human resources is of paramount importance today due to be considered one of the most important resources that contribute to the success of any organization is also the subject of human resources training one of the most important main entrances to achieve competitiveness. The objective of this research is to know the relationship of training both inside and outside the organization to achieve competitive advantage and to know the role of demographic variables to achieve a competitive advantage. The number of workers in the factory Fallujah 285 workers and represents the research community and has been distributing 53 questionnaire (sample) which were subjected to statistical analysis and research found results including (that all relationships (correlation coefficient) is positive, indicating that the relationship direct correlation between training and competitive advantage as well as demographic variables and presented research recommendations, including "emphasis on training courses inside and outside the organization to achieve a competitive advantage").