Treatment of Tinea Corporis by Topical 10% Zinc Sulfate Solution


ABSTRACT: BACKGROUND: Tinea corporis is a dermatophyte infection of the glabrous skin. Multiple modalities of therapy havebeen used in the treatment of tinea corporis including both systemic and topical agents, such asimidazols, triazols, allylamines, ciclopirox and griseofulvin. OBJECTIVE: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of topical 10% zinc sulfate solution in the treatment of tineacorporis and tap water as placebo controlled in treatment of tinea corporis. PATIENTS AND METHODS: This opened labeled blind-therapeutic trial done in the Department of Dermatology -BaghdadTeaching Hospital, during October 2004 – March 2006.It consisted from 63 patients with tineacorporis, 33 patients treated with 10% zinc sulfate (Group A) and 30 patients received distilled water as the placebo-control group (Group B). Full history and clinical examinations were done for all patients including all demographic aspectsrelated to the disease.Every patient was instructed to apply treatment twice daily and to be seen every 3 weeks for2months. All patients were assessed clinically and by skin scraping test before, during and aftertreatment. RESULTS: Sixty three patients with tinea corporis met the inclusion criteria and enrolled in this study. Sixtypatients completed the study, three patients defaulted from the study in Group A . In Group A 30patients received topical 10% zinc sulfate solution twice daily for two months, 17 (56.7%) femalesand 13 (43.3%) male patients. Their ages ranged from 4-64 (27.87+17.68) years, while the durationof the disease ranged from 1-13 (3.7 + 3.249) weeks. Complete cure response was observed in 13(43.33%) patients, partial response in 7 (23.34%) patients and no response in 10 (33.33%) patientswhile in in Group B, 30 patients received distilled water twice daily for two months as placebocontrolgroup,10(33.33%)femalesand20(66.67%)malepatients. Theiragesrangedfrom8-66(30.67+ 15.66) years, and the duration of the disease ranged from 1-30 (7.48+ 6.98) weeks. Theclinical response was two (6.67 %) patients with partial improvement and 28 (93.33%) patients withno improvement.No side effects reported apart from mild irritation in the beginning of treatment which resolved soonafter continuation of therapy that did not require stopping the treatment. CONCLUSION: Topical 10% zinc sulfate solution is a new effective, safe and non costly formulation in the treatment of tinea corporis but it is slow in clearance of the lesions and higher concentrations of zinc sulfatelike 20% might increase the effectiveness of the drug and shorten the duration of therapy