The side Effect of Aspirin drug and Abortion occurrence in Swiss white mice Mus musculus


This study was designed to detect the side effects of Aspirin drug on abortion occur of Swiss white mice. They were devided into three groups. the first ,second were orally treated with (0.5) ml of Aspirin of 50 microgram/kg body weight per day. The third group was given (0.5) ml of distilled water as a control group. Continued dosage (30) consecutive days in order to identify the effect of three drug in pregnancy in mice. Treatment led to the occurrence of abortion after the first and seconed week of pregnancy to female mice in the second set, and Aspirin treatment concentration of 50 microgram/ kg compared to the control group. Also noted the lack of pregnancy for mice that have been treatment same concentration of the first and second set before being mated with the normal males compared with females that gave birth control mice natured. From the above results, it could be concluded that the drug Aspirin has a negative effect on pregnancy in Swiss white mice.