Effect of GarlicOil on Gentamicin InducedHepatorenal Toxicity in rats


Gentamicin is an important aminoglycoside, natural or semisynthetic antibiotic commonly used against the life threating infections in human. Nephrotoxicity is the major side effect of aminoglycosides. The aim of this study is to investigate the protective/ prophylactic roles of garlic oil against gentamicin-induced abnormalities in metabolic biochemical parameters in serum and tissues of female albino rats. In this study, we used 30 Wistar albino 230-250 g female rats. The animals were randomly divided into five groups. Each experimental group consisted of six animals.Control group, they were fed with only standard rat diet and tap water for 2week. Garlic Oil: Rats were treated daily with a dose of5 ml/kg Garlic Oil(GO) via gavage, and received was start of the 5day of the experiment. Gentamicin: Rats were treated daily with a dose of 100 mg/kg gentamicin(G) asintraperitoneal(IP) at 5 day of the experiment. Gentamicin + Garlic Oil: Rats were treated with synchronisedintraperitoneal gentamicin plus garlic oil 5ml/kg every day via gavage at 5 day of the experiment. Garlic Oil (Pre) +Gentamicin: Rats were treated with 5 ml/kg/ every day via gavage garlic oil in start the first day of the experiment and then gentamicin received at the above-mentioned dose at 5 day of the experiment.a significant increase in serum levels of glucose, bilirubin, urea and creatinine as well as the activity of the AST, ALT, LDH, and ALP enzymes were observed in rats treated with gentamicin for a period of ten days. However, supplementation of gentamicin- intoxicated rats with garlic oil ameliorated the gentamicin adverse effects as evidenced by a significant increase of serum total protein content, and a decrease of serum glucose, bilirubin, urea and creatinine levels, as well as the activity of AST, ALT,LDH and ALP enzymes. Histopathological changes in liver and kidney were not observed on animals treated with Garlic oil when compared with the control group .However, animals treated with gentamicin showed fibrosis, necrosis, and fatty infiltrate in liver and showed necrosis and degeneration of glomerulus in kidney. This effect was significantly decreased in animals pretreated with garlic oil.