The importance of input The development of civilization


Through study and research show what has been reachedin this study:- The view defended by in the field of attention to qualityand intellectual and physical queries had to stand at thefoundations and ideals of the religion of Islam.- Through study, research and found serious humanmedicine does not say anything about the risks ofintellectual and neurological partial and self-interest innation-building.- The pleasure of the human psyche at the expense of thewhims of people or belief is not in the interest of thenation and the Islamic religion True, it cuts off the rootsof communication and dealing and cooperation betweenmembers of the same society and members of the samefamily.- Avoiding the use of methods and treatments due to thedevelopment of the Arab-Islamic thought in the interestof the global challenge of the nation.- Comprehensive Aamufhom for sustainable intellectualdevelopment requires mastering and simplifying work;because people make the service such as the worship ofIslam.- There is no doubt that countries provide procedures andsteps to optimize the use of inputs lead to facilitate thehandling and speed of access to data integrity andassurance in the area of expertise, quality and science andadvice Vtkon the way in the very same.