Science and religious development in the Umayyad era (41-132 AH / 661-750 AD)


Ceremony history of the Arab-Islamic state in much of the Umayyad era attitudes and events that make one stand respect and appreciation, what produced this state of good fruits reflected positively on the Arab and Islamic nation as a whole. He worked Umayyads to save the unity of the nation, which stretched from China in the east to Andalusia west and Europe to the north, and the country is sub-Saharan Africa to the south as well as the victories of the great all fronts has opened Omassara many and equipped military campaigns to the state Byzantine Mhaoliyn dropping Constantinople, because they were preparing Byzantium the greatest danger that threatens always state. And this became the Arab Islamic state in the nation that era actor of wide renown and influential in other nations, and it has the status of Semitic and prestige. Umayyad state has pursued a sophisticated approach to governance is closer to the civil state in their applications for the unity and cohesion of Islam. Was considered to look equal citizens, did not differentiate people on the basis of belief and religion, but an enemy of all people are equal in rights and duties under the confines of the state umbrella.They took dhimmis and relied on them in many important works poetry these security and safety Vibdawa in their functions and duties towards their home. It is worth mentioning that the beginnings of the true renaissance of Arab scientific and intellectual had been launched from this era who fired the freedoms for learners and wanting to get science and knowledge in Manlv areas The terms of reference, especially the religious sciences, which included Quran Sciences - Science readings - science interpretation - of modern science and novel - Science jurisprudence as well as Science Arabic Language and Literature and Other Sciences. also unleashed in the establishment of mosques and scientific centers and its development until it became as schools and universities teach the various fields of science and frequented by students the science of various Islamic Alomassar. This had the advancement of scientific witnessed in the Arab country's Islamic Umayyad many reasons, foremost of which love the Umayyad caliphs of science and embrace scientists and scholars and to encourage them financially and morally, as well as the desire of Arab scientists extreme to go into the fields of science and knowledge and collected. Has also made the Umayyad state meet to approach the Islamic nation of the most important duties towards Muslim citizens. It also carried out localization and blogging, which included all the faces of life to give the real picture is spotless for the Arab nation as Arabs rule of Islam, and carried out by the Umayyad dynasty of support and encouragement for the movement of scientific, religious and intellectual was approach true at all scales and they were right in everything Qrrōh in this field, which Anar State Road Arab and Islamic renaissance in this era. As well as indicated by the historical sources in the emergence of scientists, scholars, writers and intellectuals to evacuate enriched Ntegathm and their compositions scientific and intellectual movement in the Umayyad era and subsequent eras. These included the study and development of religious sciences in the Umayyad era and Mbgesin whale and a conclusion. The first topic addressed religious science - science readings and science of interpretation. To their importance in human life. Because the Koran home on the pride of objects Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the sincerest document in history, which is the basis of civilization and life upon which human life and has been derived from its components. Also included Section II Hadith, codification and months narrators describing the Hadith legislation second after Koran.