Coverage for regions in Salahuddin Press analysis of the first page news in my newspaper seven days and the middle For the period 1/10/2011 up to 31/12/2011


To be concentrate on this research of newspaper of SEVENTH DAYS and the ALMUNTASIFS as the most separate of newspapers in SALAH ALDEEN governorate wherein research concentrate on the private problem limitation that belong to federal subject and their goals limitation by limit the time scope for study in three months from 1/10/2011 to 31/12/2011 . Then the researcher account ( 14 ) number of two newspapers then concentrate on the way of analysis specifically on the news of first pages as researcher limit the major species and the minor one that included news of first pages then the results explanation that earned by researcher and dependent on the material analysis news then classification the their special categories in every newspaper from the newspaper`s sample and gave it the repetition in aim of gets the special results by the way of analysis for such species and the researcher acknowledgment with covering news and divided it into two types as follow : the merely news covering and the explanation news covering and the recommendations comes at the end of research wherein concentrate for required given for two subjects in covering the news and the necessity the interesting of covering the newspapers that stand on journalistic news . as the herald journalistic arts .