Porosity Measurements of Cellulose Acetate Filters for Some Brands of Cigarette Using Mercury Porosimeter


Filter is destined to reduce the quantity of smoke and specified components which fall in smoker’s body. The smoke removal efficiency is affected by the surface area and porosity of the filter fibers. Therefore, the present work is devoted to study the porosity of five brands of cigarettes with cellulose acetate filters. These are tested using an accurate instrument of Mercury intrusion porosimeter and the porosity parameters measured are pore diameter, pore volume, pore area, and pore size distribution. The results showed that the pore volume and pore area of the five filters of cigarette can be arranged according to the following order: Mercury > Sumer > Gauloises > Aspen > Pine The pore size distribution obtained had only one maximum for all samples except for samples of Pine and Aspen which showed two and three maximum respectively.Key words: Porosity, Cigarette Filter, Mercury Porosimeter, Pore area, Pore size Distribution