Numerical Prediction of Natural Convection Phenomena Through a Square Enclosure with a Heated Circular Cylinder at Different Horizontal Locations


In this paper, numerical simulations are carried out for natural convection induced by a temperature difference between a heated circular cylinder and a cold outer square enclosure. A two dimensional Navier-Stokes equation is solved by using finite volume discretization with SIMPLE algorithm in non-orthogonal body-fitted coordinate system. Detailed flow and heat transfer features for different Rayleigh numbers varying over the range 103-106 are reported. The study goes further to investigate the effect of the inner cylinder location on the heat transfer and fluid flow. The location of the inner circular cylinder is changed horizontally along the center-line of square enclosure with δ (-0.25L to 0.25L). The size, number and formation of the vortices and shape of thermal plume strongly depend on the Rayleigh number and the position of the inner circular cylinder. Overall heat transfer also changes for different position of the inner circular cylinder. The results showed a good agreement with another published results.