The Effect of special exercises using the small court areas in developing some of the accuracy motor and skillful performance components for the indoor football players


The study aims at setting special exercises and to know the effectiveness of these exercise in developing the skillful performance components. The researcher used the experimental method .While the sample includes the Team of Diyala directorate of education for boys in the preparatory stages who are (12) players chosen deliberately because of the cooperation of the coach and the players with the researcher .The tests, which are elected by the special experts, are used and after using the suitable statistical means ; The researcher comes up with conclusions . The most important of these conclusions are : the nature of the selected exercises are suitable for the capacities of the sample which leads to increasing the motivation in work, and the use of variable exercises in the stage of special preparation has positive and effective impact in developing the accuracy of passing and scoring , also the repetition of the exercises and implementing them gradually from the easy to the difficult and from the simple to the complicated, according scientific basis . The researcher makes some recommendations, The most important of these recommendations are: following the scientific approach when selecting the exercises for the training unit and they should be suitable to the principle of individualism in training and selecting the suitable exercises for the age stage to reach the right performance which develops the basic skills of the indoor football.