Pavement Strength Evaluation of Selected Iraqi Airports Depends on ICAO (ACN/PCN) Method


Runway pavements are designed to provide adequate support for loads imposed by aircraft using an airport. To fulfill this requirement, the pavement must be of such quality and thickness that it should not fail under the expected loads. In the process of runway pavement design, the current research has been extended to evaluate the pavement sufficiency of four Iraqi airports (Baghdad International airport, Basrah International airport, Salaymaniyh International airport, and Balad Airfield) by use the (ACN / PCN) method. The investigation discusses the ability of an existing pavement to carry the different types and weights of aircraft traffic. Moreover an improvement to the existing pavement thickness to stand with the expected future load is performed. For four studied airports, the results indicate that an improvement can be achieved by adding various thickness of asphalt concrete overlays or Portland cement concrete.